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My name is Brandon and I’ve been helping people with loans for 4 years.

I got into loans as a small business owner, so I know what it is like to struggle with finances when you are building and running your own company.

I will always do everything I can to make sure you get the best options and terms for the loan that best fits your business. You will get the personal attention you need, so you will have peace of mind knowing you have the best option for you.

I’d love to help you find the right loan.

Brandon was super helpful! I needed funding for my orchid business and he made sure I got a loan with great terms! I would use BLW Capital again in a heartbeat!
Amber Ennis
Insurance Provider
I needed funding for my children’s craft business and Brandon was there for me! He was so helpful and got me the funding in no time! I will be referring him to anyone I know who needs a business loan.
Jackie Rodriguez
HR Director
I was able to apply and send my documents so quickly. Brandon helped me every step of the way! Now I have the funding I needed to keep my dog kennel going!
Dog Groomer
I didn’t think I could qualify for funding, but Brandon found the best option for me, and now my business is thriving!
Cindy Fink

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Common Questions

Small Business Loans (SBA Loans) are provided for small business owners that are partially guaranteed by the U.S Small Business Administration. They are issued by participating banks. SBA loans are a good option for small businesses because they have lower rates and more flexible terms than other loans, but they are tougher to qualify for than other loans.

We work with lenders who have a variety of rates and terms. We will make sure you have the best rate we can get you for the best loan option available to you.

Yes. Different from receiving a grant, it will be necessary to pay back the loan or line of credit you take out. Your payment schedule, rates, and terms will vary depending on what you qualify for.

Yes. We have all of those options available for you and more depending on your specific situation. Your specific qualifications will change what is available to you, but we are ready with lenders for all situations.

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